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FIBC bags are made of pp material. And the fabric can be coated.this kind of bag has much advance,such as loading and unloading
easily, and it can be water proof,dust proof and protect sunlight. The bag can be used in the packing of chemical material,cement,
grain and mineal production including the power,granuel or block materials. It is the best product which can save packing and
transportation cost and also save the warehouse space.

Please check the following common styles of bag, If you want to know more, please contact with us. We will supply you our best
solution with top service.
Standard bag Anti-static bag Conductive bag Un-fibc bag Liner styles Recommendation product
>> Un-fibc bag
The hazardous goods are refer to endangers the human life and the property security material,it is with have the combustion, the detonation,
corrodes, poisons, the radioactive radiation and so on. The quality of Packing bags immediately influence hazardous goods depositing transportation
and operational safety. The bulk bag, belongs to ⅢA kind of packing, is suitable in the low hazard substance packing, “UN” the proof packing
conforms to United Nations's concerned requirements.
The UN bulk bag only suits for the one-way use generally, the safety factor must achieve 6:1, commonly used code:
   13H1 -- the bag without lamination and without liner
   13H2 -- the bag with lamination and without liner
   13H3 -- the bag without lamination and with liner
   13H4 -- the bag with lamination and with liner

Almost of European and American country also have certain request for UV.
The UN bulk bags needs third party authentication generally, and presented related certificate.

U-panel bag

Baffle bag

Stevedore bag

Tubular bags

Stevedore bag

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Standard bag
Anti-static bag
Conductive bag
Un-fibc bag
Liner styles
Recommendation product
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